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Rantings of the Crazy Chica Down the Hall

(Because Poptarts Likes to Ramble)

HOLY. Wow, I haven't updated this since I like, got the LJ. O_o;;

I'm Evil Killer Poptarts. I like giant robots, specifically Transformers, more than is probably healthy. I'm a case manager working with the mentally ill, and I love it about 85% of the time. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my college roommate, who is a nurse, and my cat, Chihiro, and her dog, Handsome Rob, in my roommate's house. I am the stereotypical husband of the relationship, as I never do anything right, and I end up doing all the yard work. (On the other hand, I also do most of the cleaning and cooking, too. Does that make me both the husband *and* the wife?) We have what is essentially a very strange nuclear family, and we're all happy with it. Except for possibly Chihiro, who is generally disgruntled about everything, except for the heat grate in the living room. She loves the heat grate.
aerialbots, androids, anime, appleseed, appleseed ex machina, appleseed saga, appurushido, bad sci-fi movies, beads, bipolar, bipolar disorder, blue seed, botcon, briareos, briareos hecatonchires, case management, case manager, cats, chihiro, cincinnati, computers, constructicons, conventions, cosplay, cosplaying, costumes, crochet, csi, cyborgs, decepticons, deunan, deunan knute, deunan x briareos, dirge, dirge/ramjet/thrust, dragons, dreadmoon, earthbound, ebay, fantasy, gaara, gaara of the desert, gaara of the sand, gaaralee, gaaraxlee, handsome rob, hard rock, hound/mirage, i robot, jewelry, kittens, leegaara, leexgaara, manga, manic depression, marmalade kitties, masamune shirow, mecha, mental illness, metroid, miyazaki films, monkey island, mulan, my neighbor totoro, naruto, nightwish, ninjas, old houses, orguss 02, perceptor, pirates, princess princess, protectobots, prowl/jazz, psychologist, psychology, ramjet, ratchet, ratchet/wheeljack, ratchet/wheeljack/perceptor, robots, rock and roll, rock lee, rock opera, roleplaying, rpgs, samus aran, sci-fi, science fiction, secret of mana, shirow, shirow masamune, singing, skyfire, skywarp, skywarp/thundercracker, sleep, snes, spirited away, star trek, star wars, starscream/dreadmoon, starscream/dreadmoon/skyfire, starscream/skyfire, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the ennead, the minibosses, the sorry six, thrust, thundercracker, toy collecting, transformers, transformers slash, tribbles, triforce, video games, wheeljack, writing, yoko kanno, zelda