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Seriously, I don't even. I am FEEDING YOU HOMEMADE GOODS. STFU. - Rantings of the Crazy Chica Down the Hall [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Seriously, I don't even. I am FEEDING YOU HOMEMADE GOODS. STFU. [Dec. 24th, 2015|12:23 am]
Dearest coworkers: Please do not walk into my kitchen on a day I am throwing a client party and fuss at me about anything, least of all the menu. Just don't. Your assistance is not mandatory because I learned several holidays ago that none of you will help when specifically instructed to do so. Your assistance is hardly expected, as all I can count on you to do is show up, wait in line to be served with the other residents after I ask for help serving, and then your swift disappearance after I ask for help cleaning up.

Walking into my kitchen where I am actually baking things so residents can have nice home-baked goods, and immediately demanding to know why I'm baking muffins and not sugar cookies?

You are damn lucky I value my Kitchenaid stand mixer; I had half a mind to throw it at you. (The other half realized I probably couldn't throw it that far.) Seriously, you deserved the string of profanity and hostility you got when you poked your head in and said "Those aren't sugar cookies!" Nope, they sure aren't, get out.

I am seriously bringing this up at a meeting. I know my job might look like 'fluff' to everyone else, but I'm doing it to the best of my ability and I want things to be nice for the residents. I don't ask for help very often, so when I do, it would be nice if people outside of my awesome case manager partner-in-crime would be of use. My coworkers got into line after residents, then all came around for seconds with the residents, and I realized there wasn't much food left and I hadn't eaten anything all day because I'd been too busy running around getting things ready. I asked for someone to watch over the food table while I went to put on my Santa hat to hand out presents, and come back to find residents with their hands IN the food, helping themselves, and a gaggle of coworkers standing just next to the table, talking about something. I just... augh.